Q: How much money can I make with the freelance writing jobs offered?
A: The amount of money you earn is completely up to you. It will hugely depend on which company you choose and the time and effort you put into writing articles. Others have been able to earn between 1K to 6K per month, but that does not constitute as a guarantee that you will earn the same.

Q: When Will I Receive my first payment?
A: Each company has their own payment terms which you will be able to read before beginning the job. However, most companies will pay as soon as the job is completed via paypal, check or other means agreed upon.

Q: Can You guarantee I will make money?
A: No, there is no way for us to guarantee you will make money as each site requires certain qualifications to hire you that you may or may not have. There are jobs that do not require experience as well, however, each company has different payment terms therefor it is up to you to complete the job in order to get paid and we cannot guarantee you will do so.

Q: Are There Any Additional Fees After Signup?
A: No, there are no hidden or monthly fees for this program. You will be supplied not only with 1000's of jobs, but you will also have full access to many free writing tools, help and instructions needed.

Q: What countries are accepted?
A: We have listings for all countries so you will be able to join wherever it is in the world you live.

Q: I'm not the best at writing, can I still join?
A: Yes. As long as you can read and write English and have basic grammatical skills you can join. Nowadays there are many helpful tools that can assist you with writing such as spell check and article spinners.

Q: Are There Any Refunds?
A: We do not offer refunds at this time. Reason being is we give an entire year of free access to our database. Most places like this charge an ongoing monthly fee ($50-$77 per month) which is the going rate to have such access to a such a specific niche, however, we only ask for a one time fee so because of the enormous discount we give we do not offer refunds.

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