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Wizards was founded in 2006 and has been able to flourish through the years into a valuable resource for many online entrepreneurs and striving business owners.  We now have a number of successful businesses throughout the internet that need your help in spreading the word about our current business and what we offer. This opportunity not only helps us brand our name and grow our company, but it also provides employment for many who are currently in need of work.

We specialize in providing information and resources for people who want to work from home. Our members area is full of marketing tools, online videos, training tutorials, free software and information that will fully assist you with your job
and also help you learn a lot of valuable information on working online.
Benefits Of Working For Our Company~

*Get Fast Payouts

*No Minimum earnings for paypal

*Multiple Streams Of Income

*No Selling Or Recruiting

*We Pay By Western Union & Bank Transfer

* We Accept Multiple Countries

No account terminations

*Over $500 Software Package

*Get Paid additional For Referrals

* Multiple Earning Levels

* 24/7 Help & Support

* Sale Price On Franchise $600 only $250!
Do you like to write? We have an entire separate job database and business center for freelance writers and entrepreneurs. It includes 100's of freelancer jobs & More.. Email us for more information.

Franchise Webpage

$250 One time Non refundable fee

Become part of our team by getting your own free webpage built by us to your liking and earn 50% of all sales generated through your page.
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    Ad Posting Package
    $100 One time Non-Refundable fee

    Ad posting work only. Get paid for each and every ad form posted. No need for clicks or sales in order to get paid. Each ad is 4 to 5 lines of text we provide to you.  We supply all classified forms and free form filling software.

    See further description below
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    Work From Home Wizards

    Earn money just for setting up free blogs. This is very simple to do. Set up
    free blogs on the web and get paid! Great pay for easy work...

    Get your own
    website built by us. Earn 50% on all sales, 1 ad posting package & access to our
    Make-N-Dollars training center!
    Ad Posting

    Get paid for every ad posted.
    Lightening fast form filling software included. Each ad takes only seconds to fill. No sales or clicks required.
    .15 cents per ad posted.
    Form Filling

    Get paid to fill  forms. Includes posting ads, writing in blogs,posting in forums and any ad form type online.
    Pays up to
    .15 cents per form posted.

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    Work Package Descriptions

    Join our oursourcing ad posting  program and earn money per ad you post online. It's very simple. All you do is access the assignment ads in your back office then post the ads on several different free classifieds online. You will never be asked to advertise anything inappropriate or illegal. We pay you for each ad you
    post on our hehalf from  .15 cents per ad. For advertisers outside our company you will paid directly through them. You will be asked to post ads in classifieds, in blogs, in forums or anywhere on the web that is free to post. We provide you with free form filling software, a full training back office, over 50 ebooks on Working and Making money from home , 100's of downloadable marketing software to help you with your new business and will help you with any affiliate business you want to do.

    Difference in Work Packages

    All work packages require you to post ads but you will occassionally receive diferent types of advertising assignments whether it be from us or any outside business.. If you purchase the ad posting affiliate program you will only be asked to post free classified ads. If you purchase the form filling work package you will be able to post in many different types of places including blogs, forums and more...

    How & When Will I be Paid?

    You will be required to compete at least 2 assignments  before you will be able to hook up with other companies to post for. You are first required to learn the program. As soon as you complete this task you will then be sent an ecel or cvs sheet with thousands of businesses who registered for ad posting. It will be up to you to contact them via email with you application. The application will just let them know if you strictly do the ad posting packages or if you are willing to do other types of assignments. These businesses are required to pay you upfront for your sevices. We then grade each assignment before it is sent out.

    Once you join you atumatically become an affilaite with us. This means you can also post ads on our behalf at anytime in between work meaning if you have not found enough jobs in that month. We will ask you to post a minimum of 150 ads which equals one beginners assignment (you can also do bigger assignments). Once you complete the assignment you simply turn it in and we will then grade it. If you miss a large amount we will ask you to correct the ones you missed. If you only miss a few we will send payment to you right away to whichever payment method you put on file. We pay by Paypal, Western union, Check by mail, Payza and Direct bank transfer.
    Please be aware that there is $100 earning minimum for everything accept for Paypal. Paypal payments are only a $10 minimum.

    How Much Can I Earn?

    We have a set monthly limit for each package on how many assignments we will allow. This of course is in no way a promise of that amount or any amount. The amount of income you earn with this program will be determined by the amount of time and effort you choose to put in and how many ads you place. We will supply the places to post your ads and all the
    information, training, support, assignment forms, video tutorials, software and everything needed to make this program work for you.

    For an in detail description of this affiliate program opportunity please go over our Faqs page, Demo Page, Terms of Use and all other links provided above.



    All Affiliate Package Fees are Final - SEE Terms Of Use
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