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Wizards was founded in 2006 and has been able to flourish through the years into a valuable resource for many online entrepreneurs and striving business owners.  We now have a number of successful businesses throughout the internet that need your help in spreading the word about our current business and what we offer. This opportunity not only helps us brand our name and grow our company, but it also provides employment for many who are currently in need of work.

We specialize in providing information and resources for people who want to work from home. Our members area is full of marketing tools, online videos, training tutorials, free software and information that will fully assist you with your job
and also help you learn a lot of valuable information on working online.
Benefits Of Working For Our Company~

*Get Fast Payouts

*No Minimum earnings for paypal

*Multiple Streams Of Income

*No Selling Or Recruiting

*We Pay By Western Union & Bank Transfer

* We Accept Multiple Countries

No account terminations

*Over $500 Software Package

*Get Paid additional For Referrals

* Multiple Earning Levels

* 24/7 Help & Support

* Sale Price On Franchise $600 only $250!
Do you like to write? We have an entire separate job database and business center for freelance writers and entrepreneurs. It includes 100's of freelancer jobs & More...

Use our lighting fast form filling software to fill your forms. Get paid per form filled.No selling or recruiting. We supply the places to fill your forms and the text to insert into the forms.

$1000/ Max Earnings/Month

Get paid to perform different research tasks such as gathering emails, names, phone numbers and more...  Includes email sending methods and light typing. Earn up to $15-40 per task completed.
$300 Max earning Per month

Get paid to research and send emails. We will ask you to perform different methods each month to obtain emails and interested parties. Get paid for each mail sent. Earn up to $40 per assignment completed.
Max Earning $800 Per month

Get paid for compiling email lists using varied methods of ad posting. Simply cut and paste each email into a word document. Get paid up to $1 per email list. Includes posting ads, sending emails and web surfing...
$500 max earning per month

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Members Recent Earnings

  • Terri Grace $102.20
  • Maria Garvick $100.00
  • Mohar Das $46.50
  • Mohamad Gupta $15.00
  • Ganesh Mortar $16.50
  • Dil Shah $40.72
  • Dohar ganesh $89.14
  • Mali potdar $200.21
  • Rita Cruz $46.43
  • Marla Vega $20.00
  • Fred Berk $18.13
  • Lailanie Daquioag $268.56
  • Ravi Kuliper $108.30
  • Sarah Kail $15.93
  • Chris Fadler $23.51
  • Lucy Thomas $19.30
  • Dennis Roarke $22.20
  • Don Jing $64.40
  • Dina Geniene $20.62
  • Travis Balar $250.07
  • Thomas Wilson $105.32
  • Michelle Richards $160.00
  • Rami Jayar $120.00
  • Betty Coast $18.80
  • Rajesh Kumar $19.07
  • Bakir Zolfakar $127.20
  • Leana Mar $45.00
  • Nick Ross $108.00
  • Farah Fahir $10.73
  • Ben Kestler $10.10
  • Lee Maine $24.32
  • Current Earners

    Easy Ad Pasting Job. Get paid for each and every ad form posted. No need for clicks or sales in order to get paid. Each ad is 4 to 5 lines of text we provide to you.  We supply all classified forms and free form filling software.
    Max Earnings $1500 Per month

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    Work From Home Wizards

    Earn money just for setting up free blogs. This is very simple to do. Set up
    free blogs on the web and get paid! Great pay for easy work...

    Get your own
    website built by us. Earn 50% on all sales, 1 ad posting package & access to our
    Make-N-Dollars training center!
    Ad Posting

    Get paid for every ad posted.
    Lightening fast form filling software included. Each ad takes only seconds to fill. No sales or clicks required
    Up To
    .15 cents per ad posted.
    Form Filling

    Get paid to fill  forms in your spare time. Easy cut and paste
    job anyone can easily do. Earn
    .10 to .15 cents Per Form Filled.

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    $2500 USD /month max earnings

    With the mini combo package you get to choose any of the 3 work packages from this page you want to do. This equals 3 times the profit!

    $2000 Max Earnings Per/Month

    Become a franchise owner and collect 50% of all job package fees. you get your own website and lost of bonuses! There is no limit to what you can earn as a francise owner.

    Unlimited  Earnings Per Month

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